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If you are charged with domestic violence, you must take steps immediately to protect your rights. In Colorado, a conviction for these charges or a violation of a civil protection order can result in penalties such as a jail sentence, fines, and the loss of your right to own firearms. You may also lose custody of your children.

Domestic violence cases may be pursued even if the accuser does not wish to press charges. Many people do not think these cases are serious, but a misdemeanor or felony conviction for domestic violence will remain on your record and affect the rest of your life. For a free consultation with a Grand Junction domestic violence attorney, please call the Law Office of Vincent J. Felletter, Jr., at 970-628-3917 or contact us online.

Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Abuse Cases

We provide defense representation against charges such as domestic violence, aggravated domestic violence, criminal mischief, harassment and stalking. Our experienced lawyer knows that people are often falsely accused of domestic violence when they are going through a divorce or custody battle. When a client has been falsely accused, we work diligently to clear the charges.

We also help people who are in violation of civil protection orders. Civil protection orders (restraining orders) are very common in domestic violence cases. If a protection order has been issued, you may be ordered to leave your home, stay away from the alleged victim and give up temporary custody of your children. We can represent you at protection order hearings. If you violate a domestic violence protection order, you can be sentenced to jail and/or a fine.

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