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When a juvenile is charged with a crime, too many parents make the mistake of thinking their child does not need a lawyer. Whether they believe that the child should learn a hard lesson or that juvenile crimes are not serious, parents often regret not taking action to protect their children’s rights.

At the Law Office of Vincent J. Felletter, Jr., we understand that teens and college students sometimes make mistakes or poor decisions. That should not mean that the rest of their lives are ruined. We represent juveniles in school, civil and criminal matters in Colorado. You can rely on us for dedicated representation and experienced counsel as we work to protect your child’s future. For a free consultation with a Grand Junction juvenile criminal defense attorney, please call 970-628-3917 or contact us online.

Juveniles Have The Right To A Defense

Depending on the severity of the charge, a conviction can negatively affect a juvenile’s life for years. Your child may have trouble getting into college, receiving financial aid or scholarships, or getting a job. A conviction may also mean expulsion from your child’s current school.

We can handle student disciplinary hearings for high school or college students in Grand Junction and the surrounding area, including students at Colorado Mesa University. We can represent your child in the school’s formal hearing process and, when necessary, throughout the criminal case.

Our firm provides juvenile representation in legal matters such as:

In addition, we can assist you with record sealing and expungement of many arrests, charges and certain convictions.

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