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Your criminal record can include all arrests and criminal charges, regardless of whether you were convicted, plead guilty or found innocent. In certain circumstances, you can have your criminal record sealed or expunged. Sealing a record makes it unavailable to the general public. Expunging a record makes it unavailable to other government entities.

Background checks are often part of applications for jobs, housing, financial aid, college, volunteer work and the military. Arrests and criminal charges will show up, regardless of the outcome of the case. You may have been investigated and never charged or had the charges dismissed, but future employers or landlords may not understand the difference. For a free consultation with a Grand Junction criminal record sealing attorney, please call the Law Office of Vincent J. Felletter, Jr., at 970-628-3917 or contact us online.

Sealing And Expunging Criminal Records In Colorado

We will review your record to see if it is eligible for sealing or expungement. There are many exceptions and conditions involved in this process. We recommend discussing your case with a lawyer before spending time and money pursuing an expungement on your own.

Expungements are generally granted in cases involving acquittals, dismissals and arrests that did not result in formal charges. Nonviolent crimes with no victims are more likely to be eligible for expungement.

In general, expungements are not available if you have already been granted one, you have a previous misdemeanor or felony conviction, or you are currently charged with another offense. Violent crimes, including sex crimes, robbery, domestic violence, aggravated assault and child abuse, usually cannot be expunged.

We may be able to help people who are sentenced to sex offender registration in some cases. Juveniles who are on sex offender registries may be able to have their names removed when their sentences are complete.

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