Child Sexual Abuse Defense

If you have been accused of physical or sexual abuse of a child, you need an experienced defense lawyer immediately. Assaulting a child is an extremely serious matter. You do not have to be charged or convicted for the public to assume you are guilty. If you are facing accusations or an arrest for any child sexual or physical assault, legal counsel is essential.

At the Law Office of Vincent J. Felletter, Jr., we have the experience and skill to protect your rights and reputation. We can defend you against state and federal charges, which is often necessary in child sex crime or pornography cases. For a free consultation regarding child sexual abuse defense, please call us in Grand Junction at 970-628-3917 or contact us online.

Physical Abuse, Sexual Assault And Internet Crimes

You cannot underestimate the severity of the consequences for sexual abuse of a child. In Colorado, you can face an indeterminate sentence that is decided by the Department of Corrections.

Internet crimes can include state and federal charges. A child pornography conviction may result in a federal sentence of up to 50 years in prison. If you are charged with possession of child pornography or online solicitation of a minor, your lawyer must have federal criminal defense experience. As a former state and federal prosecutor, our attorney has experience on both sides of state and federal criminal cases.

Cases of child abuse and/or neglect may include criminal charges and civil dependency/neglect proceedings. We can represent you throughout both processes, fighting the criminal charge and to protect your parental rights.

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